Péninna DEBERDT - Docteur
PRAM - B.P. 214 - Quartier Petit Morne
97285 Le Lamentin Cedex 2
+596 596423075


Domaines De Compétence Scientifique

  • Protection Agroécologique Des Cultures
  • Phytopathologie
  • Bactériologie

Autres Domaines De Compétence

  • Mycologie
  • Résistance Génétique


  • RATNADASS A, DEBERDT P, FERNANDES P, GRECHI I, RHINO B, RYCKEWAERT P, & MALÉZIEUX E. 2009. Designing Ecologically Intensive Horticultural Systems For Pest Control In The Tropics. In 2nd Farming Systems Design Symposium, August 23 To 26, 2009, Monterey, USA.
  • DEBERDT P, MFEGUE C V, TONDJE P R, BON M C, DUCAMP M, HURARD C, BEGOUDE B A D, NDOUBE-NKENG M, HEBBAR P, CILAS C, 2008. Impact Of Environmental Factors, Chemical Fungicide And Biological Control On Cacao Pod Production Dynamics And Black Pod Disease (Phytophthora Megakarya) In Cameroon. Biological Control, 44, 2, 149-159.
  • ARDIEL G S, GREWAL T S, DEBERDT P, ROSSNAGEL B G, SCOLES G J, 2002. Inheritance Of Resistance To Covered Smut In Barley And Development Of A Tightly Linked SCAR Marker. Theoretical And Applied Genetics, 104, 2-3, 457-464.
  • DEBERDT P, QUENEHERVE P, DARASSE A, PRIOR P, 1999. Increased Susceptibility To Bacterial Wilt In Tomatoes By Nematode Galling And The Role Of The Mi Gene In Resistance To Nematodes And Bacterial Wilt. Plant Pathology, 48, 3, 408-414.
  • DEBERDT P, OLIVIER J, THOQUET P, QUENEHERVE P, PRIOR P, 1999. Evaluation Of Bacterial Wilt Resistance In Tomato Lines Nearly Isogenic For The Mi Gene For Resistance To The Root-knot. Plant Pathology, 48, 3, 415-424.


  • Doctorat