Caribbean network for the development of agroecological horticultural systems
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The scientific partners of the project are :

- From Martinique :

  • CIRAD part of the PRAM - Agro-environmental research pole of Martinique.
  • SECI (General Council) - Experimental Station for Irrigated Crops.

- From Guadeloupe :

  • CIRAD - International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Research for Development.

- From Cuba :

  • IIHLD - Research Institute for Vegetables ‘Liliana Dimitrova’.
  • IIFT - Research Institute for Tropical Fruits.
  • UNICACBP : University of Ciego de Avila – Centre of Bioplants

- From Haïti :

  • MARNDR - Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development.
  • FAMV - Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine.

These partners also receive a technical and financial support from the SCAC of the French Embassy ( SCAC Haiti and SCAC Cuba ) and a scientific support from RP Dick (Ohio State University, School of Natural Resources).

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