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hortical research institute « Liliana Dimitrova »


The hortical research institute « Liliana Dimitrova » (IIHLD)‘s mission is: Provide a scientifically and technical basis of production systems of vegetables, roughages, flowers and plants. Within this state mission, IIHLD is the direction for technical activities of protected crop systems of vegetables at the national level.

The main research lines are:

  • Improvement of plants, conservation of phytogenetical recourses and vegetables semiology, aromatic plants and condiments, flowers and roughages.
  • Integrated management of productive systems of vegetables, aromatic plants and condiments, flowers and roughages.
  • Technology for protected vegetable crop under tropical climate.
  • Agroecology and healthier productions
  • Management of post-collects.
  • Rural development

For the development of a scientifically system and technological innovation, IIHLD is composed by a scientifically and technical potential of 31 researchers (4 permanents, 20 auxiliaries, 4 senior lecturers and 3 candidates) 5 doctorates in science and 14 students in science master. The work team is also composed by medium and specialist technicians directly linked to the activity.

IIHLD is a educational centre, which realise trainings, courses and other scientifically and technical activities to facilitate the training development on production systems.

The institute maintains collaborations and exchanges with more than 25 homologous institutions at national and international levels and it is the representant of Cuba within regional networks and programmes.

The institution offers scientifically and technical services to national and international institutions. We can mention trainings, advices, exams and validation of products, technologies with edition of bibliographical material for producers.


Rosa Orellana
Calle 2 esquina a 1 Santiago de las Vegas
Boyeros CP 17200, La Habana, Cuba
(53-7)683-9010; (53-7) 683-0093
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Yohandri Ruisanchez
Agronomist Engineer
Candidate to Researcher position
ave 31 No. 6839 e/68 y 70. La Salud
Quivicán.La Habana

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Antonio S.Casanova
Agronomist Engineer
Permanent Researcher
Edificio 671, Apto. 37, zona 19 Reparto Alamar
Habana del Este

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Farah María
Agrnomist Engineer
Auxiliary Researcher
Calle 20 No 1070 e/ 17 y 19 Quivicán,
La Habana,Cuba CP: 33500
(047) 425967
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Jany Fernandez
Agronomist Engineer
Researcher Agregado
ave 31 No. 6839 e/68 y 70. La Salud
Quivicán.La Habana

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Manuel Sánchez
Agricultural Engineer
Auxiliar Researcher
Km 33 ½, Carretera Bejucal-Quivicán,Quivicán,
La Habana.Cuba.
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