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cooperation centre in agronomical research for development

The International cooperation centre in agronomical research for development (CIRAD) is a french research centre under the guardianship of the Ministry of superior education and research and the Ministry of the Foreign and European affairs which answer, with the southern countries, to the international stakes in agriculture and development.

In partnership, Cirad produces and transfers new knowledge, to accompany their agricultural development and to contribute to the debate on worldwide stakes on agronomy from development needs, from fields to labs, from local to planetary. It embarks on complex and progressive challenges such as food security, ecological intensification, emergent diseases and the future of southern countries.

Cirad focuses its researchers around six scientifically priority axes. It owns 25 research systems in partnership within the world and seven scientifically pole at regional level and within the French outermost regions. It has a worldwide partnership network and 12 regional directions, from which it leads cooperation activities with more than 90 countries. Its bilateral partnerships are in line within multilateral dynamics with regional interests.

Cirad is a founder member of Agreenium, a national consortium for agriculture, food, animal health and environment, and member of the national alliance of research and energy coordination.

Cirad does one’s finalised research mission for the development putting its competences for one objective: To imagine agriculture capable of feeding 8 milliards human being in 2030, a sustainable agriculture, which preserves each health and the environment. A legitimate mission by an international context : Pregnancy of big worldwide stakes of humanity (emergent diseases, biodiversity management, crops security…) interdependence of research problematic for the development, ascending interests for agricultural questions within the development agenda.

 Cirad is also the major interlocutor between Europe and southern countries. Enlisted within numerous European and international networks, it facilitates the access of its southern partners to Community programmes and to the European research excellence.


Christian LANGLAIS
CIRAD, PERSYST, Hortsys Researcher
CIRAD Baillarguet
34 Montferrier sur Lez
+33 467 59 31 21
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Plant virologist
CIRAD-BIOS, UMR BGPI, Baillarguet,
34398 Montpellier Cedex 5
+33 499 62 48 29
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Ludovic TEMPLE
UMR Innovation
TA210 73 rue JF Breton
34398 Montpellier
+33 467 61 44 45
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Gemma Arnau

Station de Roujol
97170 Petit-Bourg
+590 590 94 88 94
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CIRAD roujol
97170 Petit - Bourg Guadeloupe
0590 94 89 00 / 0690 90 56 72
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Alain Ratnadass

CIRAD Montpellier

+33 467 59 31 14
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