Experimental Station in Irrigated Crops


The experimental station in Irrigated Crops of the General Council (SECI) has for objectives the sustainable agricultural development by the promotion of agroecological practice which was integrated in the Agenda 21, lead of the policy of the General Council of Martinique as far as sustainable agriculture is concerned.
Three axes have been defined :

  • Development of Irrigation .
  • Development of sustainable agriculture and promotion of rural, sustainable and united development.
  • Communication, included in the scope of regional and international cooperation.

These missions have for finalities to make this departmental service a development and promotion tool for a sustainable and joint agriculture respectful of the environment, via pedagogy and experimentation.
It is about :

  • Developing technical and scientific basis to facilitate this development.
  • Introducing and validating sustainable techniques and systems .
  • Training producers and development agents.
  • Validating and transferring technologies.
  • Managing of rural, sustainable and joint development, valorizing diversification fields.

Josée-Llyan LABONNE
Assignment manager
Quartier Val d'Or
97227 Saint-Anne, Martinique
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