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Mission of Mr Ludovic Temple in Ciba from the 13th to the 23th of June 2010.

Within the Action 1 (Determination and construction of institutional and organisational conditions for innovations emergence), Mr Ludovic Temple has been to Cuba to meet our partners.


Mission of Mr Christian Langlais in Haïti from the 11th to the 20th of June 2010.

Within the Action 4 (Study and valorisation of Creole gardens management) Mr Christian Langlais has been to Martinique and Haiti to put in place this study with our partners and other participants.


Appointement of Mrs Marie Valoun Beaubrun and Mr Evald Gédéon to the DEVAG project by the MARNDR from June 2010.

Mrs Rose Marie Valoun BeauBrun and Mr Evald Gédéon (MARNDR), agronomists in Haiti, has been made available to DEVAG project by the Ministry of Agriculture,.


Training for a Haitian young agronomist in Guadeloupe and Mission of Erick Maledon and Frédéric Lambert in Haiti (April and Mai 2010)

Mr Didier Joseph (MARNDR) was training in Cirad Guadeloupe. This training has been followed by Mr Erick Malédon and Mr Fréderic Lambert’s mission in Haiti from the 9th to the 23rd of May.


Master’s degree practice in Cuba

Mr Renzo d’Alessandro ((CIRAD) has been affected to the DEVAG project as a practice student supervised by Mr Ludovic Temple (CIRAD). His work is part of the action 1 “Diagnostic and construction of institutional conditions of emergences of agroecological innovations”


Mission of Carlos Mazorra Calero from the 7th to 20th of April 2010 in Martinique

From the 7th to 20th of April Mr Carlos Mazorra Calero, researcher at the University of Ciego de Avila and specialist in the integration of sheeps in orchards, have been to Martinique to collaborate with Mr Christian Lavigne et Mr Guillaume Vitte(CIRAD-PRAM) and Mr Eric Chauvet (SECI).


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