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Mission of Liliam Otero Pujol in Martinique from the 16th to 31st of March 2010

Mr Christian Lavigne welcomed Mrs Liliam Otero Pujol (IIFT) from the 16th to 31st of March 2010 for the action 36 “Prospection of promising native legumes as cover plants in orchards and for the action 40 which concerned her thesis. During her stay, Lilliam had :

  • Presented to PRAM researchers and professionnals a communication about “the effects of diverse species used as cover plants in citrus orchards”
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(Photo P. Fernandes)
  • Realised during the dry season a prospection of promising indigenous legumes on the whole orchards representing soil and climate conditions of Martinique.
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(Photo G. Vitte)
  • Defined with her supervisor the equipments and methods to put in place to work for her thesis

The second phase of prospection will take place next November (Dry season). Lilliam thanks all the PRAM agents for their warmed welcomes during her stay.


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