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The Cooperation and Cultural Actions Service (SCAC) develop and put in place cooperation actions between France and Cuba within the cultural branch and the scientifically and technical cooperation.

The main cooperation axes are :

  • The education and the diffusion of the French language, which is mainly supported by both of the French alliances of Cuba which are located in La Havana and Siantago, with more than 7 000 students.
  • The postgraduate trainings and research with biotechnology sector, agronomy, environment, medicine, exact sciences and engineering.
  • The artistically and cultural cooperation, through events and residences.
  • The reinforcement of the civil society.
  • The Environnent and sustainable development.

Cooperation actions are also led with Cuban authority within the fight of drug trafficking, interior and civil security.

Within the DEVAG Project, The SCAC gives a financial support to the thesis of Liliam Otero Pujol (IIFT) and facilitates the access to the French alliances for the project partners.


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