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The INTERREG IV "Caribbean" was approved by the European Commission on 27 March 2008, the benefit of the regions of Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Martinique and new communities other seas (COM) from Saint-Barts and Saint -Marteen.

This program is a part of the political cohesion of the European Union and falls within the "European territorial cooperation 2007/2013, which aims to:

  • Enhance cooperation across borders through joint local and regional initiatives,
  • Enhance transnational cooperation through actions conducive to integrated territorial development in conjunction with the Community’s priorities,
  • Strengthen interregional cooperation and exchange of experience at the appropriate local level.

For this reason, INTERREG IV “Caraïbbean” benefits of approximal budget of 63 millions of euros, composed by 75% with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The balance (25%) is cofinanced by different regions such as Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, both outermost collectivities of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint Marteen, by the state, and by private fundings. The Programme Managing Authority is the regional council of Gudeloupe, assisted by the Common Technical Service (STC) which is in charge of the communication, the animation, the instruction and the financial and administrative monitoring. It got support from different organisations named regional contacts (PCR) located in Martinique and in French Guiana. Future contact points will be created in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint Marteen.   

The Monitoring committee and the programme committee accept strategic decisions and select projects which will be funded. It groups all partners (listed above) with regional zone representations (AEC, CARICOM/CARIFORUM and OECS)

The INTERREG IV Caribbean general objective 2007-2013 is contributing of an harmonious concerted and sustainable development of the Caribbean space by an economical growth, respectful of the environment and innovative in job creation.

This supposes a deepening of regional cooperation and the reinforcement of the territorial cohesion improving competitiveness, attractivity, integration and valorisation of assets and resources in Caribbean.

The programme must favour the hemispherical integration of Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Saint Barthélemy and Saint Marteen; integration comprehended as a mean to optimise the endogenous potential of each regions.; but also to prepare themselves to face and to look for profiting a globalisation process of worldwide economy of scales.

The three main thematically priorities of the INTERREG IV Caribbean programme within the 2007/2013 period are the following:

-  Increase Growth and employment opportunities by being innovative and more knowledgeable; reinforce the appeal in opening up the territorial and maritime resources, etc. and prevent natural disasters.

- Increase the value of the capital environment and protect it by managing the territorial and maritime resources, etc… and prevent natural disasters.

- Bring together the population, to develop common services and synergy between the institutions and the territories to strengthen the cohesion and social integration of the Caribbean area.


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