Caribbean network for the development of agroecological horticultural systems
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The main activities are based on three workpackages which concern the activities of applied research intended to bring transferable technical innovations to the producers (WP1 Research and creation of agroecological methods), the training and editing activities of technical slips jointly designated to agents of agricultural development and to the producers (WP2: Training for professionals and knowledge transfer) and the exchange and scientific training activities enabling the reinforcement of project partners competences WP3: Scientific animation and reinforcement of partners skills)


The WP4 content is the following :

Le WP1 “Research” which is declined in 5 complementary themes :

  • Conception of innovative crop systems.
  • Adoptability of innovations: technical and economical curb and institutional conditions of emergence of innovations.
  • Selection of plant material adapted to the crop systems (without any chemical fertilizer, nor pesticides).
  • Organic Fertilization from local resources.
  • Agroecological management of bio aggressors (pests, weeds, telluric diseases, viruses).

The WP2 « Knowledge transfer to professionals” includes :

  • Conception and diffusion of technical slips from transferable results of the project.
  • Creation of all the the steps of the innovations in agriculture during the training course at Cuba

The WP3 “Scientific animation and reinforcement of partners competences” integrates :

  • Sterring comities.
  • Monitoring missions.
  • Trainings of our partners and their support mission within their skills.

The WP4 « Coordination Management Communication » takes in charge :

  • The setting up of the organizational structure to manage the project.
  • The development of the project in full compliance with the budget, time table, milestones and deliverables lists of the proposal with respect to EC rules.
  • The achievement of the project results through a smooth and sustainable project implementation.

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